• Qing Mao: Artist/Producer
  • Wenyu J: Artist
  • See Shuen Leong: Programmer
  • KH Sing: Programmer
  • Brentt Kasmiskie: Sound Designer/Producer

My primary role in this project was as sound designer. I created all of the sounds, music, and announcer voice. I also acted as co-producer where I assisted in note taking during meetings, ensuring the team had everything that was needed, and communicating with faculty. Everyone on the team also acted as designer and contributed to creating the experience.

Stab was created at Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology Center as a one week project in a class called Building Virtual Worlds. Building Virtual Worlds, or BVW, is an interesting course where students are grouped into five person teams for a few weeks while they build an experience using non-tradition input and new devices. The class is broken into five projects each project lasts between one and three weeks. The class culminates in the BVW Festival where the faculty choose the best project to show and then alumni and industry professionals are invited to the campus to experience what the current students have created. 

Our goal for Stab was to make a fun and unique experience on an unfamiliar platform. In Stab the player holds the Tango in front of them and moves around a physical space, this in turn moves them through the virtual world. Once the player is close to a creature they can thrust their arms and the tango forward to mimic the stabbing motion of a spear. This will kill the creature and give them experience, getting enough experience gives the player a new longer spear. However, the cute cube animals aren’t passive. If they see the player they will run. This adds a level of difficulty because the player must try to sneak up on the animals and give chase if the animals notices them.

We were fortunate to have Stab accepted into the 2014 Building Virtual Worlds Festival.

Stab gameplay

Stab Gameplay with Tango