• Brentt Kasmiskie: Unity Developer, Programmer, Designer, Artist, & Sound Designer
  • Stephanie Fawaz: Unity Developer, Programmer, & Designer

In this project I worked alongside my close friend, Stephanie, were we both acted in the roles of Unity developer, programmer, and designer. I also created art and sound for the project. In this I programmed the procedural generation of cannons, and art. I also helped program some of the cannon types. 

The Goal

This project had two primary goals. 

  1. Develop which used Donkey Kong Country style cannons. 
  2. Figure out a mobile development pipeline and how to publish.

I have always loved the cannon play in Donkey Kong Country and wanted to see if I could make a game which used only those cannons as the mechanic. I had worked on several mobile projects as a designer and producer in the past, but had never been the one doing the actual Unity development and coding in C#. This was my first project where myself and my partner wanted to figure out what it would take to make a mobile game without dedicated programmers and artists. We wanted the project to be as fast as possible, a crash course in developing with the smallest team possible. Taking our simple mechanic we were able to complete Star Shot in just over one month. We learned a lot about areas we needed to improve in and ways to increase our efficiency for later projects. It may not have been very popular, but we accomplished our goals with the project.