Waterfall Leap is available for free on Android and iOS



  • Brentt Kasmiskie: Designer, Unity Developer, Artist, Sound

I designed and developed Waterfall Leap by myself. It was a fun quick challenge to make a simple reaction-based mobile platformer. 

The Goal

My goal in creating Waterfall Leap was to make a simple mobile platformer in less than a month. Overall the project took about two - three weeks from start to finish. I originally planned for the game to exist as three lanes with the same mechanic, either jump left or jump right. However, as I developed the game I realized that this would work better if it were 3D and the platforms moved towards the player. This would give the player more time to react and plan their movements. As I considered this change, I realized that this would essentially become something akin to Temple Run. With this realization I decided to make the game even more simple, a binary decision: jump left or jump right. This would play up the reaction-based gameplay I was aiming for and keep the game in the same style I had been working in.